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Go ahead, play around with the numbers. As you model out different scenarios, view the impact it has on revenue and profit in real-time. When finished, easily publish GAAP-standard financial statements to show investors and lenders.

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Learn how to perform a variety of analysis, so you get a deep understanding on your customers, industry, competitors, market, and more.

We help answer the question: How much money do I need?

Once you are done entering your sales and expense projections, we'll tell you exactly how much cash you need to fund operations.

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Do I even need a business plan this day and age ?

Despite what you may have heard from venture capitalists in the media, a business plan is still a critical component in the successful entrepreneur’s toolkit.

Consider the facts:
  • · Business plan writing is still taught in 95% of business schools, including Harvard and MIT.
  • · The SBA (Small Business Administration) requires a business plan as part of the loan application process.

So we think it’s pretty evident how vital a business plan is in this day and age!

But you might be wondering, why? Next: How can a business plan help me?

How can a business plan help me?


The same holds true for business plans. The process of writing your business plan is an invaluable exercise that will help flesh out aspects of your enterprise that you may not have considered.

A business plan is comprised of 10 distinct chapters, covering all facets of a business, regardless of business type, industry, location or size. It will help you answer questions such as:

  • · Who are my competitors?
  • · How big is the market for my products?
  • · How much revenue can I expect to make?
  • · When can I expect to make a profit?

By the end of this exercise you’ll be armed with a complete blueprint for how to start and grow your business. You’ll also gain confidence when presenting to investors and lenders, as there will be no questions about your business that you won’t know how to answer. Next: Is writing a business plan hard?

Is writing a business plan hard?

Historically, yes. A business plan is a lengthy document, with close to a hundred pages for the average business. It includes a dozen distinct chapters with an emphasis on financial projections detailing the business’s forecasted sales, expenses and profit.


Software makes the entire process infinitely easier and more enjoyable.

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